Thanks to the mean­ing­ful in­sights they provide, as­sess­ment and de­vel­op­ment cen­ters will con­tin­ue to play a major role in identi­fy­ing, re­cruit­ing or de­vel­op­ing can­did­ates with the most suit­able skills.

enAC is a fully web-based plat­form which sup­ports every phase of an as­sess­ment or de­vel­op­ment cen­ter via a tab­let or a laptop/desktop. Thanks to enAC, every­one from HR, man­age­ment, as­sessors, can­did­ates and ad­min­is­trat­ors can be on the same page and move with the times.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Order the assessment products online
  • Tailor the design to the candidate
  • Create an online map of the exercises
  • Manage the setup easily and intuitively
  • View and compare results dynamically
  • Receive skills assessments, exercises, observation sheets and reports in digital format
  • Integrate notes, competency models and ratings with just one push of a button
  • Determine and access content individually

For HR and Management

Eas­ily order and eval­u­ate the as­sess­ments: find out the status of the as­sess­ment and view the final res­ults, at any time and with just a few clicks.

Our con­sult­ants will re­main in close con­tact and as­semble the as­sess­ment that will yield the greatest be­ne­fits. What skills do fu­ture em­ploy­ees need? What chal­lenges will your can­did­ates face and which strengths are par­tic­u­larly im­port­ant to you?

As soon as we get to know you and un­der­stand your needs, we will work to cre­ate a be­spoke solu­tion. In ad­di­tion, we will cre­ate per­son­al ac­counts for your HR and your line man­agers on the enAC plat­form for Di­git­al As­sess­ments & De­vel­op­ment Cen­ters. This will allow you to order the as­sess­ments and to view the res­ults on­line.

The in­ter­act­ive as­sess­ment re­port:

For Participants

User-friendly and mov­ing with the times: show ap­plic­ants how your com­pany is at the fore­front thanks to its in­nov­at­ive Di­git­al As­sess­ment & De­vel­op­ment Cen­ter.

Your par­ti­cipants will re­ceive a per­son­al­ised ac­cess to enAC. You will de­cide on a case-by-case basis when your can­did­ates can ac­cess which con­tent. Would you like the par­ti­cipants to pre­pare at home? Wel­come them with a video, or ac­tiv­ate a short on­line as­sess­ment as a pre­par­at­ory ex­er­cise.

On the day of the as­sess­ment or de­vel­op­ment cen­ter, the par­ti­cipants will be able to see ad­di­tion­al tasks, tools and sim­u­la­tions. You will be able to set a time limit for each com­pon­ent of the as­sess­ment. The eval­u­ation pro­cess is sim­pli­fied by the di­git­al in­ter­ac­tion and your can­did­ates will re­ceive an image of the mod­ern ways of work­ing at your com­pany.

For Observers

Work pro­fes­sion­ally from any­where: thanks to our ex­pert­ise, you can carry out high-qual­ity as­sess­ments with enAC. You will also have on­line ac­cess to all doc­u­ments.

Di­git­al as­sess­ment or de­vel­op­ment cen­ters have many ad­vant­ages for your as­sessors: you can ac­cess the di­git­al ob­ser­va­tion sheets, sched­ules and per­son­al notes with just one login. The doc­u­ments of your ap­plic­ants are stored cent­rally and are easy to find. The for­mu­la­tion tem­plates make the writ­ing of final re­ports less cum­ber­some. If re­quired, all doc­u­ments can be prin­ted dir­ectly from the sys­tem.

The enAC Di­git­al As­sess­ment & De­vel­op­ment Cen­ter has been de­veloped ac­cord­ing to the ORCE prin­ciple (Ob­serve, Re­cord, Clas­si­fy, Eval­u­ate). You can there­fore rely on your as­sessors to carry out high-qual­ity as­sess­ments.

For Administrators

Tail­or enAC to your needs: thanks to the in­teg­rat­ive im­ple­ment­a­tion, you can eas­ily store in­tern­al con­tent of your com­pany.

The enAC Di­git­al As­sess­ment & De­vel­op­ment Cen­ter is a solu­tion that can be im­ple­men­ted without delay. With pro­fes­sion­ally de­veloped com­pet­ency mod­els, rat­ing scales, on­line as­sess­ments and be­ha­vi­our­al ex­er­cises, you can start work im­me­di­ately.

For a more in­di­vidu­al solu­tion, you can also store your own ex­er­cises, mod­els, in­dic­at­ors, defin­i­tions and col­ours in a mod­u­lar man­ner. Do you already have an A-E rat­ing scale? Not at prob­lem, as this can also be eas­ily in­teg­rated into di­git­al as­sess­ment or de­vel­op­ment cen­ters.

It goes without say­ing that a com­bin­a­tion of the above op­tions can also be im­ple­men­ted; you de­cide what you want to re­ceive from us and what con­tent you want to define your­self.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Taliza Eicher.

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